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Proactive Chat: Tile Color


It was observed, on some occasions (infrequently), that when an agent engaged with a visitor using proactive chat module the visitor tile color was changing from green (engaged mode) to grey (unengaged mode) and back to green in a span of few seconds. This issue was fixed. Read More

Owner Mapping & Offline Messages : SalesForce


Agent who handled the chat will now be shown under the lead owner/contact owner field in SalesForce.

Offline messages will now get posted to SalesForce. Read More.

Desktop App 2.0.2


Agents connecting via Desktop App were coming across a white static screen when they opened the app. Upgrading to this latest version will resolve the issue. The issue was happening on both Mac and Windows app.

HubSpot & Magento 2.0

New Feature

New Integrations: Connect with more of your favourite apps.

  1. HubSpot - Inbound Marketing & Sales Platform.
  2. Magento 2.0 - eCommerce Platform.

Triggered Chat : Enhanced


-Ability to show custom messages.

-Ability to show agent avatars.

-Ability to associate with departments.

-Mobile responsive design.

Read More

SalesForce Integration


Convert visitor into lead or contact in SalesForce, on-demand, while chatting.

Capture UTM parameters from visitor's URL and send it to SalesForce.

Check out the entire scope of SalesForce integration here.

Reports : Empowered


Introducing two major enhancements in reports module. Learn more.

  • Offering custom date range filters.
  • Allowing CSV export.
  • Proactive Chats feature received a major enhancement in this release. Last active time is now available as an additional piece of information to help agents take better decision on engaging with the visitors.

    Style your Chat Widget


    Introducing another style for chat widget. COMPACT. Learn more.

    Handle Chats Smartly: Departments

    New Feature

    Let your customers choose whom they want to interact with. Create departments based on products/issues/specialisations and automatically channel chats to specific group of agents.  Available on all paid plans.

    Desktop App 2.0


    New version of desktop app, for both mac and windows, is now available.

    In case the auto upgrade process doesn't complete then we request you to access goodies section via browser or in-app and download the new version.

    Make it your own: Unbrand

    New Feature

    You can now remove Powered by HappyFox Chat from the visitor widget and transcript emails.

    Feature is available on Fantastic and above plans.

    Leverage the power of custom fields


    • Recently we published JavaScript API to help you capture business specific custom information in the visitor widget. You can now have this information made visible to the agent in their chat window meta area. This can immensely help the agent take appropriate decisions while chatting with the visitor based on the custom field information.
    • Redesigned chat transcript emails.
    • Improved sound notifications so that you don't miss anything.

    Chat experience super-charged for mobile


    Live chat is by far the best engagement experience for customers on your mobile site. We’ve now made that experience super slick.

    Now with HappyFox Chat, your customers can have an amazing mobile experience. They can easily chat with you, without navigating away from your website. The chat window is optimized for a faster and smoother conversation experience.

    The chat window remains lightweight and will load extremely fast. 

    JavaScript API

    New Feature

    We now make it extremely easy for you to reduce friction and improve conversions. Our JavaScript API will let you:

    • Send your signed-in users name and email to HappyFox Chat. Your visitors can skip the pre-chat form and start chatting immediately.

    • More chat window control. Maximize the chat window on any UI click event.

    • More customization. Use Javascript API to do any basic CSS changes and bring subtle changes to the chat window

    Head over to our JavaScript API documentation for more details.  

    New Integrations: MS Dynamics & SugarCRM

    New Feature

    Hurray! We are adding SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics to our buffet of CRM offerings.

    • Your new visitors chatting with you are saved as a lead or contact in your CRM system. Your conversations with them can be saved and tracked as activity or case.
    • If a visitor is already existing in your CRM, you can get to know all the details right inside the chat itself. No more shuffling between tabs.

    Both of these integrations is available in the Fantastic plan and above. If you are in the free plan, worry not. You can try the feature for a week and then upgrade to use the integrations.

    Check out our how-to guide on setting up the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM.

    We're starting a changelog

    New Feature

    Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements, and fixes that are made in HappyFox Chat.

    Even though we work on HappyFox Chat all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

    You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all thing's we've changed is available on our public changelog page.

    No published changelogs yet.

    Surely HappyFox Chat will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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