Android App V 1.7

Version 1.7 of Android app is now available.

Android app now supports Live Translation feature.

Performance improvements.

Release Notes

SSO - GSuite & Okta

We now support SSO providers G-Suite & Okta.

Provision for an admin to set password for an agent.

Release Notes

Big Mid-Year Release

We have released the following 3 high impact features.

  1. Live Translation
  2. Work Hours
  3. Tracking visitor page view history.

Release Notes

Introducing Single Sign On

Use Single Sign On to authenticate agents.

Increased convenience for account admins while provisioning agents.

With this release we are enabling support for OneLogin. Know More

Upcoming releases will enable support for G-Suite and Okta.

Zapier Integration

Zapier integration now has support for Phone Number field.

Other Fixes

Android App V 1.5

Version 1.5 of Android app is now available.

Ability to add visitor name/email.

Notification Preferences: Sound & Vibrate.

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Profile based Canned Responses

You can now associate canned responses with profiles. Using this enhancement you can now reduce the clutter an agent may face while using canned responses.

Based on the profile from where the chat was initiated only associated canned responses will be available in the list for an agent to use. Read More

Post Phone Number to SalesForce

Last month we had introduced Phone Number field as an option on visitor widget form. If you are using our SalesForce Integration and have the Phone Number field enabled on visitor widget form then you can now start seeing the Phone Number information getting posted to your SalesForce account. Read More

Proactive Chat Enhancements

Tile pertaining to a visitor on the agent side visitors tab will now show additional useful information.

Proactive chat engage will time out after a period of 3 minutes if the visitor, who has read the engage message, doesn't respond.

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Desktop App 2.0.3

This new version fixes the spell check issue. Release Notes

No published changelogs yet.

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